Installation Title: Transported
Media: Paper maché with Audio Story
Number of pieces: 5


...At twenty I traveled to Konya, following the moon down the coast. Women in burkhas held me close through the night’s curfew.  In the morning I rode a donkey cart around the city, the turquoise dome shone in the Easter sun.  I carried a carpet home on my back.  This was long before I knew of Rumi and his Muse.  I build a wagon with white walls and blue doors, from an image once seen in a desert.  I inscribe the walls of this talisman with fragments of love poems to God.  I seal off the room.  A hand protects it from harm....


Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
Wandering 11" h x 14" w x 9" d paper maché 3:00 min


Nicodemus featuring Andrea Montiero:  Desert Dancer


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