Installation Title: Transported
Media: Paper maché with Audio Story
Number of pieces: 5


On the plane to the Montana retreat I see a photo in a magazine: two acrobats on a running horse, one facing backwards, the other flying through the air. I cut it out and put it in my bag. That first night I find a table and lamp and spread out my colored pencils. I think of the poet Mary Oliver’s dare, “What are you going to do with your one wild life?” I rummage through my bag, find the photo and paste it on to the cover of my blank journal. I begin drawing, extending the pattern of the rider’s costumes on to the margins. I am reminded of a dream. A caravan with swirling decoration. A fire, a snake. Evening….


Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
Gypsy Caravan 18” h x 21” w x 11” d paper maché 11:30 min




Los Niños de Sara: Me Encuentro en tu Desierto written by David Batteau
India Aire: Beautiful

Polo Montañez: Guitarra Mia

Polo Montañez: Desde Abajo


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