Installation Title: Lineage
Media: Assemblage with Audio Story
Number of pieces: 4


The Oregon State Hospital looms over my childhood. It is where ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was filmed, showing the torment of a mental hospital ward. My father used to walk the mile from our house, down what was once called Asylum Lane, to the Hospital each day. He was the Chaplain for the mentally ill…. I look at the black and white photograph, over 40 years old now. I am four years old, standing next to my older sister. We are dressed exactly alike: same striped dress with white collar; same white socks; same black shoes... But, something was wrong...


Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
Sister 54”h x 14”w x 17”d Mixed Media 2:30 min.



Mana: Cuando Los Angeles Lloran / When the Angels Weep written by Fher Olvera



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