Installation Title: Transported
Media: Paper maché with Audio Story
Number of pieces: 5


…My favorite toy as a young child was a small Noah’s Ark. It was made of wood, with simple painted windows and a roof that rotated to either side, revealing the cabin below.  I learned of my mother’s death while I was staying at the Noah’s Ark Inn on Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan.  For several nights I dreamt of her by water.  I first saw her at the lake’s edge.  The next night I covered her shoulders with a warm robe.  The next I lifted her into my arms and passed her onto a ship.  The cabin held a ladder and glowed with a soft light.  Through my mother I learned that death is as close as life...


Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
Safe Passage 12" h x 23" w x8 1/2" d paper maché 4:00 min


Heart of the Forest: Water Drums


© Copyright 2010 Rebecca Bauen  - All rights reserved

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