Installation Title: Transported
Media: Paper maché with Audio Story
Number of pieces: 5


In The Companion Species Manifesto, the philosopher Donna Haraway rants on why we need to better understand the shared lives of dogs and people. I believe we have outgrown the need for polemics. What we need now are stories. I am convinced that animals love to hear how they came to be connected to us. In place of manifestos, I am sure they prefer chenille bedspreads the color of lush bars, pink striped dust ruffles and crisp white pillowcases…


Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
Companion Species 12” h x 12” w x 14” d paper maché 2:45 min

Music:  The Commodors: Too Hot ta Trot


© Copyright 2010 Rebecca Bauen  - All rights reserved

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