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"For me it was about room for the heart to feel at home with the poetry and the folds of cloth, the blades of reeds and grass held together in gentleness and stillness...Somehow the experience of it all felt like I was walking inside a poem."



Lucy Massie Phenix

Documentary Filmmaker


    How Did the Rose?
Artist: Rebecca Bauen
Installation Title: There's Longing Everywhere
Media: Assemblage with Music
Number of pieces: 6



This mantle clock was passed down to me from my father and from his parents before him. The veneer was worn with time; the pendulum silent. I strip it bare and dip it in the black ink of words. I cover its face in roses and hold it tight with strings. I consider the poet Hafiz' question, “How did the rose ever open its heart and give to the world all its beauty?” The answer lies hidden, within.



Tile Dimensions Media Audio Times
How Did the Rose? 9.5"h x 17”w x 5.5”d assemblage 4:32 min.
 Andres Linetzky and Ernesto Romeo: Sentimientos

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