I began sculpting stories in summer 2004 at a month-long retreat for community activists.


I thought if I could learn my own story I would know how to move forward in the next stage of my life and work. A series of paper maché caravans made from shoe boxes began at that Montana retreat. From there I turned my attention to family heirlooms that I had been carrying with me for years. Since heirlooms always hold stories, I thought I would dedicate each heirloom to an individual family member. I continue to work with paper, wood, paint, poems and found objects, transforming the mundane into the sacred through sculpture, story and play.


I have taken just a few art classes: a painting class from Leigh Hyams  and a cartonería class from Rubén Guzmán.


For the most part, I've learned to make art through observation and experimentation. I know I am on the right track when I laugh out loud.


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