"For me it was about room for the heart to feel at home with the poetry and the folds of cloth, the blades of reeds and grass held together in gentleness and stillness...Somehow the experience of it all felt like I was walking inside a poem."



Lucy Massie Phenix

Documentary Filmmaker



"Once I had freed my heart of all I had held tight, I wondered what I would find. The answer was longing.


But what is longing? And for what do I long? I learned that for the Sufi's, longing is essential. Once awakened in the heart, longing is the doorway Home. The Sufi Ibn 'Arabi prayed, "Oh Lord, nourish me not with love but with the desire for love," while Rumi encouraged, "Do not seek for water, be thirsty."


I I began to find longing everywhere, in nature and poetry: in the pull of each full moon, the rose as it opens toward the light, the night wind's call, and the starry echo of the wave.


Here is my offering on the nature of longing and the beating heart."

    Installation Title: There's Longing Everywhere

A collection of antique objects–a box, clock, cage, trunk, hat rack and radio–form a circle in a small room. The viewer is drawn to each piece, peering into interiors, circling around the sides and then the back. At each piece, a poem is narrated by the artist and heard on a headset as the viewer moves from piece to piece. Subtle background music adds to the story. Together the poems convey a sense of longing.




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